Alton Fire & Rescue Department
Fire Permits
  • CHECK THE CLASS:  Permit Holders are responsible for knowing the Fire Class of the Day.  There is NO BURNING permitted on Class 4 or 5 Days.  Call 1-866-643-4737 to learn the class for Belknap County (1-866-NH FIRES). 

  • All outside burning requires a permit (unless the ground is completely  completely covered by snow). 

  • Permits can be attained at the Central Station during  normal business hours.

  • All sites for seasonal fire permits must be inspected. If you have a seasonal permit from the previous year,  bring  it to the station with you and we will not have to re-inspect.

  • Rules and Regulations for burning are available at the  Central Fire Station.

  • If you have any questions on fire permits or would like  more information feel free to call or stop by.  Click here to see a SAMPLE PERMIT.  
Fire Works
  • Private fire works are illegal at any  time in the Town of Alton, with fines up to $250.
Permitting FEES - Inspections & Permits
  • CLICK HERE to access the inspection and permit fee schedule recently adopted by the Town of Alton.  
  • Please call or visit Central Station at 875-0222 Monday - Friday 9-5 for questions or requests for inspections or permits. 

 Residential and Commercial Fire Alarms
  • We encourage the installation and use of fire alarm systems for the protection of premises.  Please do refer to the Town of Alton Alarm Ordinance for information regarding the installation and use of fire alarm systems as well as a requisite "Knox Box" for the storage of keys to the premises accessible by the Fire Department.  Click here to access the ordinance and permit application. 

Storing, Transporting & Using Explosives or Blasting Agents Permit Application